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What are the three networks?

  • The ecosystem of a park or large private property.
  • The group of people attending who become a human network.
  • Your cell phone’s network–everyone calls into a conference line while at their appointed tree.

Triple Network Events are gatherings of tree lovers.  They are hands-on and kid-friendly ways to have fun interacting with Nature while improving the health of trees, plants, and the local ecosystem.

Gatherings last about 4 hours on a weekend, and take place in parks or on large private properties.  

  1. Dr. Conroy and Ms. Alexander give a quick briefing and demonstration of Tree Whispering® approaches and Cooperative BioBalance® concepts.
  2. You’ll be directed to go in pairs or trios to a certain tree on the property.  You’ll have a map and the tree will be clearly marked.
  3. You’ll make a call into a conference line.
  4. Dr. Jim Conroy will explain, over the conference line, exactly what do to help the tree.  You’ll be whispering with the tree to help its health while interconnecting the property’s ecosystem.
  5. Afterward, we’ll all gather again to tell our stories and find out about next steps.

Find the next Triple Network Gathering in your area by going to the Calendar.

Usually, there is a small donation requested for attending a Triple Network Event.

Books and other products will be available for sale and can be personalized for you, or as a gift!

You can always ask Dr. Jim and Basia your specific questions!