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Weakening, as we interpret it, means the deterioration of a tree’s or plant’s internal functions and the disconnection of vital bioenergy links between the members of ecosystems.

We do not use the word “weakening” to refer to structural weakness, although structural weakness such as dead tree limbs can result from the degeneration of internal functionality.

We also do not use the word “weakening” to refer to the attack of insects or diseases. When insects or diseases are present, that is an indication of an already weakened tree to which the opportunistic insects or diseases come as a part of their own life cycle.

Like an Orchestra
A tree, plant, or forest ecosystem operates like an orchestra. When all the instruments of an orchestra are in tune, playing the same music and coordinating at the correct beat, we think of this as harmony. For a tree in harmony, that would represent a vigorous, healthy state of growth.

Weakening in a tree is as if the instruments in its inner orchestra were each playing different music, off beat and out of tune. It is the disruption or collapse of both functionality and coordination of the myriad of inter-related and interdependent parts and functions. These sophisticated and inter-connected feedback loops become chaotic or simply break down.  Examples of inner functionality includes movement of fluids through the xylem and phloem, uptake of water and nutrients through the roots, photosynthesis in the leaves, or cell division anywhere in the plant.

Weakening of an ecosystem, such as in a forest, is similar.  In an ecosystem, all of the Living Beings must be communicating, connected, and interconnected in order to operate in dynamic balance.  In most ecosystems today, most component parts operate in an isolated way, exhibiting chaos, disharmony, and disconnection.  This often shows up as invasive insects or  disease organisms killing all similar trees in an area. To follow the analogy, it is as if each musical instrument were playing in a sound-proofed booth, unable to hear and coordinate with the others.

Weakening of trees, plants, and forest ecosystems is a problem that is recognized by conventional professionals but is not often addressed as a whole since using conventional approaches on large acreages of land is either impossible or impractical.  Conventional methods approach trees, plants, and even ecosystems from the outside-in with products and procedures while hoping that the internal orchestra will repair itself.  Most often, it does not.

With the advent of Dr. Jim Conroy’s holistic, hands-on, bioenergy-based technologies there is now a practical, affordable, and effective solution for reversing decline in trees and for strengthening trees, plants, and forest ecosystems.

These technologies are grounded in the last 100 years of new sciences such as quantum physics, holistic systems, living systems, bioenergy dynamics, intentionality, and others. These systems are similar to complementary medicine now used in leading hospitals: Acupuncture, Reiki, Touch for Health™, Healing Touch™, EMDR, EFT, BodyTalk System, Matrix Energetics and others.

No Products
Trees are alive! Forests are alive. The new approaches found on this and sister websites are techniques which make use of the Growth Energy or Life Force of the tree or ecosystem itself, rejuvenating functionality and establishing dynamic balance.  There are no products at all used, whatsoever.  Please go to for more detail.