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Tree Whispering® Technology
Tree Whispering® begins as a personal experience of connecting and interacting with the Life Force of trees and plants. Non-verbal communication begins with expanding intuition and opening the heart.

Usually, people first learn the Holistic Chores® and Healing Whispers®–– practical activities and simple bioenergy healing techniques done in partnership with trees and plants. When a person helps another living Being, they often feel good in body, mind, and Spirit. These respectful technologies are the initial steps into Cooperative BioBalance®.



Green Centrics™ Technologies
Green Centrics™ is the professional, hands-on, bioenergy healing system that Dr. Jim Conroy created specifically for Green Beings, after being inspired by complementary bioenergy healing for human beings. To understand, you may think of plugging in a lamp––you don’t see electricity flow, but the light comes on. Similarly, you don’t see the energy connections made inside of the tree’s or plant’s parts/functions/systems, but it begins to grow and regain health in a holistic way. Since there are NO PRODUCTS used to get results, Green Centrics is a totally sustainable, earth-friendly technology.


Co-Existence Technology
CoExistence Technologies™ is the professional-level, advanced bioenergy healing system that Dr. Jim Conroy created to address the interrelationships between trees and plants and their environments. CoExistence Technologies represent the needed paradigm shift in thinking to address all of the components of an ecosystem––trees, plants, insects, disease organisms, the soil and minerals, animals, the elements, and people––so that each and all are brought into healthy and interconnected relationships. It is also used to bring the multilevel and multidimensional framework of all of Nature’s organisms in an ecosystem into dynamic balance.


EcoPeace Treaties™ Technology
EcoPeace Treaties™ are based on the fundamental idea: “Live and Let Live.” There are no “bad guys” in backyard, local, or even bioregional environments. Each living being has a drive to live and serves a purpose in its ecosystem—even if people label some as “invasives.” EcoPeace Treaties are the agreements forged by Dr. Jim Conroy between many of the disconnected living beings in a failing ecosystem. EcoPeace Treaties serve to reconnect and interconnect those living beings in their ecosystem so that health, balance, harmony, and peace are restored.